born: 11.08.2010
color: ny 22
(black golden classic tabby)
F: SC Landysh Sibaris, DVM
M: Etienne Amavi

FeLV, FIV - negative

01.06.2014 - normal (scan)
05.07.2016 - HCM (scan)

CS - C/C (not carrier colorpoint)



Genesis already represents the second generation in our cattery. She has an unusual color - black golden classic tabby. The beauty and class in one ... Leaving the child from this litter was planned, but Etienne gave me an incredible surprise, giving me not only up to five females, but also in such a beautiful colors. Father is massive and titled male imported from Russia. She has a WONDERFUL character, is so mild, delicate, quiet, just love :) She is very nice, very large cat, with the strong bones, which I am proud, nice head and beautiful fur.

Genesis left this world beacuse HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)...