born: 04.08.2013

color: ny 22
(black golden classic tabby)

F: WCH Angelur Berserk
M: GIC Yevdokiya Crown of  Siberia of Angara
FeLV, FIV - negative

22.12.2014 - normal
18.07.2016 - normal

C/C - not carrier colorpoint
D/d - carrier dilute



Our sweet, beautiful girl. She came to us from Rybinsk, from very good cattery, with a lot of beauty cats in ancestors. The whole family at once fell in love in her. She has a very strong golden, in the sun shines as an intense, dark amber. It not so often happens. Has a wonderful nature and temperament. She's absolutely devoid of aggression, loves all people and cats. I will be happy, if she give this character of their children. Vishera has very good head, beautiful eyes, and very compact body.