Venecia Starsiberia born: 06.12.2013

color: ny 22
(black golden classic tabby)

F: CH Amurin Filippus
M: GIC Taurus Tonica

FeLV, FIV - negative

30.09.2015 - normal
18.09.2016 - normal

CS - C/C (not carrier colorpoint)



Live in friends with Etienne

A long time we were looking for new females to our breeding plans. So many catteries browsed, so many times letdown... In the end, she came! We are very happy, beacuse she is really big female, with extreme strong paws, and in beautiful type - big, full head, very good profile and forehead. In addition has our favorite color, black golden classic tabby. She live inf foster-home with Etienne. I have definite breeding plans associated with her, I hope it goes well.