Pamir Charoit born: 29.01.2014

color: n 22
(black classic tabby, golden carrier)

F: Charoit Garfield, n 24
M: Angelur Zagadka, ny 22

FeLV, FIV - negative

10.05.2105 - normal
11.01.2016 - normal

28.05.2015 - normal & gen. N/N

C/C - not carrier colorpoint
D/D -
full color, no dilute allele



Co-owner is Daria Krakowska,
cattery Cud Mlynowa

We started searching for a male with very strong bones, good temperament, which carries gold. Pamir very quickly drew our attention. I hope, that will meet our expectations - now is a big 'young man', with thick legs, big head, very warm color, and wonderful character :) He lives in the friendly cattery, on the principles of ownership.