Fanta Manchzhury born: 15.07.2014

color: ny 22
(black golden classic tabby)

F: GIC Alex Manchzhury
M: Zaglyada Manchzhury

FeLV, FIV - negative

11.04.2016 - normal (scan)
02.03.2018 - normal (scan)

C/C - not carrier colorpoint
D/D -
full color, no dilute allele



When I saw Fanta, my heart beat hard. When I saw pictures of her father and other ancestors, the more I was sure, that this is my dream ... Fanta promises to be a beautiful female, with a excellent head, strong cheekbones, beautiful coat and contrast. She made a big impression on me. The same great impression made on me her character and temperament.She's not afraid of anything. I brought her from Voronezh, from the appreciated breeding. I hope she grow up to be a pretty cat, and will be our next breeding pride.