born: 10.06.2009

color: ny 24
(black golden spotted tabby)

F: GIC Car Perła Północy
M: IC Dalia aldomara

FeLV, FIV - negative

23.05.2013 - normal (scan)
15.05.2015 - normal (scan)

CS - C/C (not carrier colorpoint)



Live in foster-home

I decided, that from mating Dalia and GIC Car Perla Polnocy I would to keep the female, if is born some appropriate. They were born two... Black Ellayne and golden Etienne - copy of Dalia, in which  I  fell  in  love  from  the  first moment... But I watched them precisely for a lot of weeks, taking into consideration the type, what from she I expect and character. Stayed Etienne. She live close in frends home, who are helping me with the accomplishment of breedings plans. They are heralding to the female with a beautiful, very warm color, good expression & nice head, and great character as a mother. She gave me two very nice cats to the our cattery.