born: 12.04.2017

color: n 22
(black classic tabby)

O: IC Kazimir Ulʹmir of Sibirushka, SIB ny 24
M: Businka, SIB ns
FeLV, FIV - negative
FIP - negative (IFT & PCR)
Mycoplasma - negative

08.03.2017- normal
02.03.2018 - normal (scan)

Color panel - soon



Dreams come true!
To improve health in siberian, I'm still looking for new blood. Color was not important. Zajulya has exceptionally rare pedigree - completely new, Ural, foundations golden lines, mother is also a foundation cat, the founder of the new blood line. Introduce in our cattery totally new genes. Thank you much Gelene, to breed this special girl!! Zajulya has beautiful, strong head, very good profile and forhead, clear silver, and in addition, carrier golden. She is sister of Zabavnik - first time, I was planned import only brother, but when I saw, how amazing she grows, and that will be no more this connection, I bought both :)