Zabavnik Sibrushka, siberian male, ns 24, black silver born: 10.04.2016

color: ns 24
(black silver spotted tabby)
O: IC Kazimir Ulʹmir of Sibirushka, SIB ny 24
M: Businka, SIB ns
FeLV, FIV - negative
Strep G - negative
Blood group: AA (not carrier B)

05.08.2018 - normal (scan)
11.10.2020 - normal (scan)

A/a - Offspring can be agouti or non-agouti
E/E -
no copies of the mutation for Amber
B/B - 
not carry brown or cinnamon
C/cs -
carrier colorpoint
D/D -
full color, no dilute allele


Co-owner is Daria Krakowska,
cattery Cud Mlynowa

Dreams come true! To improve health in siberian, I'm still looking for new blood. Color was not important. Zabavnik has exceptionally rare pedigree - 
completely new, Ural, foundations golden lines, mother is also a foundation cat, the founder of the new blood line. Introduce in our cattery totally new genes. Thank you much Gelene, to breed this special boy!! Zabavnik has big body, a big head, beauty, very light silver, and in addition, carrier golden. His look is really wild, with the hypnotic, ''dangerous'' eyes, what I love in siberian.

Father litters: Litter I, Litter E


01.10.2016 Wroc³aw 12 Ex1, BIV