Zabavnik Sibrushka, siberian male, ns 24, black silver born: 10.04.2016

color: ns 24
(black silver spotted tabby)
O: IC Kazimir Ulʹmir of Sibirushka, SIB ny 24
M: Businka, SIB ns
FeLV, FIV - negative

HCM - after one year
PKD - after one year

A/a - Offspring can be agouti or non-agouti
E/E -
no copies of the mutation for Amber
B/B - 
not carry brown or cinnamon
C/cs -
carrier colorpoint
D/D -
full color, no dilute allele


Co-owner is Daria Krakowska,
cattery Cud Mlynowa

Live with All my Life and Zara in close family

Dreams come true! To improve health in siberian, I'm still looking for new blood. Color was not important. Zabavnik has exceptionally rare pedigree - 
completely new, Ural, foundations golden lines, mother is also a foundation cat, the founder of the new blood line. Introduce in our cattery totally new genes. Thank you much Gelene, to breed this special boy!! Zabavnik has big body, a big head, beauty, very light silver, and in addition, carrier golden. His look is really wild, with the hypnotic, ''dangerous'' eyes, what I love in siberian.


01.10.2016 Wroc³aw 12 Ex1, BIV