born: 12.04.2017

color: n 22
(black classic tabby)

O: All my Life Amavi, SIB n 22
M: Zara Serebryanaya Mechta, SIB n 24
FeLV, FIV - negative

26.04.2018 - normal

A/A - homozygous for agouti
E/E -
no copies of the mutation for Amber
B/B - 
not carry brown or cinnamon
C/C -
NOT carrier colorpoint
D/d -
carrier dilute



Female with a much selected, awaited pedigree.
After very healty lines from both side, with perfect hearts. Dream of Beauty is after specially brought for one litter female, from Serebryanaya Mechta cattery. She has wonderful character, the best from litter, good coat texture, impressive color & pattern, nice head. She was stay from all females from the litter also becuse carrier dilution - finally - we can come back to blue :)

Unfortunelly, in day 01.07.2018, in last day of pregnancy, we lost Dream and her babys, beacuse strong complications ;( My sweet princess ;(