All my Life Amavi, siberian male, ny 22, black classic born: 31.03.2016

color: n 22
(black classic tabby)

O: CH Bronislav Crown of Siberia, n 22
M: Venecia Starsiberia, ny 22
FeLV, FIV - negative

HCM - after one year

A/A - homozygous for agouti
E/E -
no copies of the mutation for Amber
B/B - 
not carry brown or cinnamon
C/C -
NOT carrier colorpoint
D/D -
full color, no dilute allele



Live with Zabavnik and Zara in close family

Young black classic tabby (carrier gold) son of CH Bronislav Crown of Siberia and our the largest, most massive, female Starsiberia Venecia. All my Life had excellent head and forehead from the small kitten, I loved his type  - so, we decided, keep him in our cattery. I hope that he will grow to an amazing stud. Now grows to a big male.

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02.10.2016 Wroc³aw 12 Ex1, NOM BIS, BIV